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New Employee • New Tenant Background Checks

To save you time and to get the fastest results our software is set-up to be simple, fast, and efficient. There is no paperwork or set-up fees required or any hidden charges. Just go online, set up your account and start getting your background checks immediately.



With your established account and password order anytime as many as needed, special volume discounts available.

Please click below to fill out our corporate account setup form. You are under no obligations and there are no charges for registering for an account.

Our friendly staff will then contact you with your new login and password, we will also show you how easy and simple our system is to use. Call our friendly Customer Service anytime with any questions that you may have.

You will then be able to immediately order as many reports with the exact information that you need 24/7.

To order; see our menu and price list, select the type of search you want to conduct and fill in the applicant's information.

You may then immediately receive your results regarding your applicant.

To receive Credit Reports we do a short verification to confirm your legitimacy and purpose for receiving these reports. Credentialing also helps to eliminate exposure.

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