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Commercial Collections - What We Offer

National Business Collections is the Expert on Commercial Collections

Your Trusted Partner for Efficient and Effective Debt Recovery

The Commercial Collections Experts

Whether you’re a start-up company dealing with cash flow, or a corporate entity with delinquent clients, National Business Collections can start the collections process now.

National Business Collections is a results-orientated Retail and Commercial Collection Agency with an outstanding professional group of Account Representatives, Collectors, and Administrative Personnel. Our excellent staff produces a collection rate much higher than the industry average. Please see our chart below. We realize the importance of getting the job done while maintaining good relations between you and your customers and clients.

Our highly trained team uses the latest technology, and we operate in a professional and courteous manner. We work strictly on commission, and you will be very happy with our results for your bottom line!


  • Fees as low as 15%
  • We work strictly on commission
  • No risk 30 day cancellation agreement
  • Modern, courteous, legally compliant, and efficient procedures
  • Capable full-service monthly billing
  • Skiptracing and asset identification
  • Attorney Forwarding 
  • Customized Reporting
  • Credit Reporting
  • We collect Coast to Coast
  • On line access to your accounts  
  • Free FedEx pickup
  • Remittances submitted monthly/more often if you desire
  • Fully Licensed and Bonded

Our direct approach in Business to Business collections is to maximize the collection of what is owed while realizing the importance of maintaining good relations with your customers and clients.

The chart below shows the typical Collection Agencies’ decreasing expected rate of return as accounts are aging.  However, our return rates and ratios have always been historically higher.

Business Collections

Our commission only collection division is highly trained to collect on your past due accounts while maintaining a good relationship between you and your clients.

As a commercial collections service partner, it is important we work with your clients to establish clear goals and expectations for the recovery of their outstanding debts. Some common goals for our commercial collection services include:

  1. Quick resolution: We resolve outstanding debts as quickly as possible, both for the benefit of the client and to minimize the negative impact on the debtor’s credit score.

  2. High recovery rate: Our primary goal is to recover as much of the outstanding debt as possible. This may involve negotiating payment plans or settlements with debtors, or pursuing legal action if necessary.

  3. Customer satisfaction: We work with your clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the level of service they receive and the results achieved. This may involve regular communication and updates on the status of their cases, as well as being responsive to any questions or concerns they may have.

  4. Compliance: We adhere to all relevant laws and regulations when conducting commercial collections, including fair debt collection practices and consumer protection laws.

We work closely with our clients and striving to achieve these goals, we help them recover their outstanding debts and improve their financial stability.


Our Trusted Partners

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