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How important is knowing who you’re hiring ?

What is a background check? 

A background check investigates an applicant’s background based on criteria of the company they are applying to or their present employer. A screening of an applicant’s background could include recent employment, criminal records, credit history, motor vehicle, license records and past education. Different types of checks reveal information specific the needs of the company inquiring. Candidates should request clarification before a screening is done to fully understand the specifics of what is being searched. 

Realities of the hiring process

While a company searches for the right candidate to hire, there are a few essential steps that should be taken to eliminate the risks of not knowing who you’re hiring. In some instances, companies hire an applicant assuming everything on their resume is true. To guarantee a company is hiring a good candidate who is qualified for the position, a background check is necessary.   

Get the assurance you need by going the extra mile. 

Be Prepared and know who you are hiring  

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Faster hiring decisions 

Our services help companies make better and faster hiring decisions. We make the process risk free, quick, safe and most of all affordable.  One-third of all resumes are fraudulent. Unfortunately, this is a practice that has been increasing at a 6 percent rate annually. The cost of replacing a poor hiring decision can be anywhere from one to five times the salary of an open position. National Business Collections has proudly been providing great service since 1997. Consider trying a background check package using our company today. 

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